PVC colorful film can be used in the packaging of various products after mass production. In addition to having best mechanical properties, the films can be produced faster in a cheaper manner due to the possibility of continuous production in extruder in comparison with usual films used in industries.
Starch has a wide application in the production of biodegradable materials due to its availability, reasonable price and quick natural degradation. However, these materials have weak mechanical properties and low reactivity in comparison with materials produced on polymeric materials based on petroleum. Therefore, the aim of the research was to improve the mechanical properties of biodegradable bubble gum packaging by using clay nanoparticles.In addition to having optimal mechanical properties, the films produced in this research are able to reduce the cost and increase the rate of production. Therefore, they increase the quality and efficiency in comparison with usual Covering film factories, and they decrease environmental pollution due to the biodegradability of starch. These characteristics enable environmental friendly films to compete with polymeric ones.
The use of clay with silicate layers at nanometric scale in the structure of polymer/biodegradable starch films has resulted in the production of starch – clay nanocomposite due to the layer properties of these nanosheets, and it also improves microstructure properties in comparison with the pure polymer. This characteristic improves the mechanical properties, including the elasticity module in these films.